Hi, I’m Christine.

I am a Counselling Psychotherapist (MIACP) and Wellbeing Life Coach who works with adults, and adolescents who not only want to feel better but who also want to create a lifestyle that supports their emotional well-being.


Do I want Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy helps clients to relieve emotional distress, seek solutions to problems in their lives, and to unpack cognitive distortions and unhelpful behaviours that are preventing them from finding contentment, working productively, and enjoying personal relationships.

I help clients with feelings of anxiety, loneliness, depression, anger, trauma, and stress. I also help clients who are navigating life changes, and relationship problems or who are working to overcome past issues that are blocking present joy.


Or is it Wellbeing Life Coaching I am looking for? 

Wellbeing Life Coaching supports clients to not only set goals but to also find the motivation and tools to get to their physical and emotional health objectives in a positive, forward-focused, fun, and supportive environment.

I can help you build a life more aligned with your core values and beliefs, highlighting your strengths and uniqueness to create a life that is full of joy, purposeful, forward-focused, and, most importantly, yours.

My work is focused on guiding you as you return to who you truly are. 


What my clients Say

Don't just take my word for it! Here is what some of my previous clients have to say about their work with me:

My sessions with Christine have allowed me to focus on what is most important, and my time and life management has become so much better….. These sessions have massively lightened the load, When I started my sessions I had a pretty painful throat ulcer problem… This at times became so bad that I would scarcely […]

- Dylan

Christine’s approach was soft & gentle yet extremely supportive & encouraging. She helped me realise that my lack of clarity on what I truly wanted was causing me to become distracted by what was going on around me & by what others were doing. Before working with Christine I was placing responsibility in/on others within […]

- Kate

Working with Christine has taught me so much. This work has helped me live intentionally, to forgive and accept myself for who I am. She has helped me live a life with gentleness, kindness and true to my core values

- Jess

I would 100% recommend Christine. She is caring, kind and a great listener. She offers amazing advice and is a very approachable person making sure you feel comfortable and in a safe environment. You can speak to Christine without any fear of being judged while knowing she will offer great guidance and perspective on situations, […]

- Saoirse

Working with Christine over our four 1-2-1 sessions has truly been transformative to my well-being and rediscovering my authentic self.  Christine works with you to recognise where you are in your life, to help you understand what you are looking for, to support you in making positive changes to enable you to live your best […]

- Danielle

I would highly recommend Christine – she is an incredible person who listens to everything that you have to say with understanding and compassion. After my first session with Christine I felt like an immense weight had been taken off of my shoulders, as she provides a non-judgemental safe environment that enables you to open […]

- Amy

I found working with Christine extremely helpful with tackling my social anxiety. I felt understood and listened to and she gave me advice which helps me daily. I highly recommend Christine as a therapist

- Alice

Where to start? Christine has been such a blessing to me. It is a blessing that I came upon her and I recommend her to anyone. Always willing to listen and never to criticize. My experience with Christine is one of a lifetime. I never knew this opportunity was out there. Caring, kind, a good […]

- Mary

Working with Christine over the past year has been truly life changing for me. I first came to Christine at a very vulnerable time in my life when I felt lost and without purpose. Various life experiences had led me to a place where I no longer knew who I was which left me feeling […]

- Roisin

Christine’s approach has given me so much hope for the future. I am a long term sufferer of anxiety and Christine is the first therapist that has not only dealt with the immediate need to ensure you’re safe and comfortable in your daily life to deal with the struggles but looks to the future to […]

- Brian

1-2-1 Work with Christine

My approach combines my unique skills as a counselling psychotherapist and wellbeing coach. My therapeutic style is compassion focused, goal oriented and positively challenging.


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