Enrolling in Christine's My Kind of Life programme was honestly the best thing I have ever done for my mental health - my head is the clearest it has been in years. I had tried talk therapy before and while I found it good, I was fed up of talking and felt like I wanted to take action and find a way to move forward with my life in a more positive and proactive way. Working with Christine is like chatting to an old friend; she is so insightful, understanding and compassionate, I really cannot recommend her enough. I feel refreshed, refocused and no longer feel guilty about prioritizing my own self-care

- Georgina

My experience working with Christine has been extremely positive. I first came to Christine with a lack of purpose in my life. I felt stuck where I was and I knew that I wasn't living the life that I wanted to. Christine provided great support while I was making changes to my mindset and was always reassuring in times of overwhelm. Every aspect of my life has changed for the better since I started with Christine. My relationships with others have improved, I am more confident in myself, and I have a sense of purpose in my life again. I would highly recommend Christine and her My Kind of Life programme.

- Anna

I booked an appointment with Christine on the advice of my doctor. I wanted a stronger antidepressant but got a talking to from my doctor about taking the time to go to a new therapist. I had been to therapy before but it was like putting a plaster on a wound that needed stitches. I still felt lost… Christine helps you to dig deeper, to find out why you are feeling how you are and ways to help acknowledge them but go past them so they don’t consume you. I’ve found I am more confident and find more joy in life after our sessions. I would highly recommend Christine, she might just be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

- Client Nov 2022

Thank you for the time we spent working together and how much it has helped me. It is something I will always be grateful for. The tools you gave me and the things you taught me are invaluable and I’ve applied them in so many situations since and have had a very different outcome to what I would have before.

- Jen

As a person who had previously attended therapy and never wanted to return, when I started with Christine my whole view on therapy changed. Christine’s positivity and incredible insight really showed me how to challenge my negative thoughts and build a self-care plan that suits me. I am so lucky to have worked with Christine and really cannot recommend her enough.

- Tara

As a mid 50’s male I knew that, despite outwards appearances of being successful in life, I had taken the eye off the ball on my own health and wellbeing. Christine’s My Kind of Life four sessions spread over eight weeks has been truly life changing for me. Christine is very good at getting under the bonnet and establishing what is going on in there, in my head. After just over two months since I started the programme I am now in a space I did not ever imagine getting to so quickly. I will be continuing with regular check in sessions with Christine to ensure that I stay focussed on what really matters in life.

- Peter M

I can honestly say Christine has helped me both on a personal level and professionally.  She taught me about setting boundaries professionally which gave me great relief when I put those into practice. Time is always on my side now and I feel fabulous and so grateful for taking the time out to go on this journey. I would highly recommend anyone to connect with Christine as she will guide you to return to who you really are or who you want to become.

- MB

Working with Christine over the past year has been truly life changing for me. I first came to Christine at a very vulnerable time in my life when I felt lost and without purpose. From our very first session Christine cultivated a safe, non-judgemental, and honest environment where I felt truly heard. Her realistic approach and practical tools have enabled me to rediscover my spark and for that I could not be more grateful. I really look forward to our sessions and I would highly recommend Christine.

- Roisin

Working with Christine over our four 1-2-1 sessions has truly been transformative to my well-being and rediscovering my authentic self.  After each session, Christine sends you a personalised summary of your session with a plan and goals for you to work on for the next session. Working with Christine empowered me to recognise my self-doubts, address my confidence issues and to take back control of creating my enjoyment of life, making time for my self-care and safe-guarding my well-being. I can’t recommend working with Christine highly enough.

- Danielle

Working with Christine has taught me so much. This work has helped me live intentionally, to forgive and accept myself for who I am. She has helped me live a life with gentleness, kindness and true to my core values

- Jess

Christine's approach was soft & gentle yet extremely supportive & encouraging. She helped me realise that my lack of clarity on what I truly wanted was causing me to become distracted by what was going on around me & by what others were doing. Before working with Christine I was placing responsibility in/on others within certain relationships. She guided & supported me on bringing my focus back to myself & my own responsibility to myself. I would highly recommend her 'My Kind of Life' programme.

- Kate

My sessions with Christine have allowed me to focus on what is most important, and my time and life management have become so much better..... These sessions have massively lightened the load. I was one that really would not have believed in these kinds of methods. I would've dismissed it as a kind of whimsical fad, but that has now changed in a huge way, I now know the true value of the mind and self-awareness, how this may affect your health and I now have the tools to reset if I ever need it again...I will be eternally grateful to Christine for the work she has done with me.

- Dylan