These workshops are self-paced so you can avail of them at a time and place that best suits you.

Wellness for Everyday – A Workshop in the Foundations of Wellbeing

In this workshop I invite you to look at wellness; the foundation of your wellbeing. I share with you the key areas of wellness and help you to refocus on these to create a more healthy and balanced life and mindset.

Self Content – A Workshop in Self Care

Do you feel you are taking care of yourself, that you have the basics in place but still don’t really feel content in yourself? We talk a lot today about self-care but what really is self-care and what does it look like for you? This workshop is focused on self-love and will help you to get back in touch with caring for yourself.

Let’s Talk – A Workshop in Communication

This Communication workshop helps you understand your communication styles and patterns so you can recognize what needs to change for a successful relationship. You will learn how to appreciate your self, and your partner and how to show each other the respect and love you both deserve.