The 28-Day Sober Reset


I created this because this is exactly what I was looking for when I quit alcohol over 1000 days ago – a how to guide, support, touchstone, a place to ask questions and a feeling of being in this with others. I honestly could never have imagined I would have been able to do this. And now I could never imagine NOT being sober. And if I can say that, trust me, you can too!


Sobriety is giving up one thing, to have everything.. and this workshop is all about that .. giving you back a life that is FULL and FREE


To join simply DM me .. we start on Monday 2nd October


Is the 28-Day Sober Reset for me?

  • You know you want to stop; you have thought about it many times, you have tried to moderate, drink only on certain days – but somehow it always fails
  • You want to have more energy to do things that you love, or to even consider what you would love doing if alcohol wasn’t in your life
  • You are concerned about the implications that your drinking has on your health, happiness, career, ease in yourself, and relationships with others
  • You just know – you are tired of denying it, minimising it, going along with it – ultimately you just know that this is the right choice for you


What’s Included?

Daily Support

You will receive an email every day with tips and techniques, to take you from a hesitant sober curious to an informed alcohol-free you


Live Q&A

There is a weekly live optional Zoom Q&A (limited to 12 participants) where we discuss our sober stories and provide space for communication, sharing, and connection



My story is not your story but from years of sober conversation I know that a lot of our stories are the same – you are sick of being sick and tired, know you deserve more, want to feel better in yourself and also, hold fear about this unknown change.



I have coached and counselled many people in their sobriety journey and I have 10 years experience supporting people to make positive changes for their mental health. Check out my client testimonials on my Instagram page.


This workshop has been designed to change your life