Wild Women Mornings – September 2024


Monday mornings 10am GMT

Are you a late-identified, self-identified, or exploring identification as Autistic, ADHD or AuDHD? 

Building community, and meeting other Autistic people is a key part of Autistic thriving and wellbeing. In each Wild Women you are offered a safe space to deepen your understanding of your identity and connect with others as we share and reflect.

Join a group of like-minded women as we chat and explore late-identification, educate yourself through a neuro-affirming approach, and with this language and understanding, learn to better advocate and compassionately tend to yourself and the wider Neurodivergent community.

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Wild Women: a series of 4 Neuro-Affirming talks and chats over 2 months covering the areas of Neurodiversity, Masking & Burnout, Relationships, and Autistic Thriving.

Join me, Psychotherapist & Coach and late-diagnosed Autistic woman Christine Doyle, MIACP in this space.

Each talk will have an anchor topic, backed by current neuro-affirming research, thus providing a space to explore these topics in terms of your own experience.

We truly do learn best from each other, and learning from and prizing the Autistic mind and experience is central to the ethos of Wild Women.


Dates: Monday 9 September / Monday 23 September / Monday 7 October / Monday 21 October

Time: 10am – 11:30am GMT

Location: Zoom

Cost: €80 per person for the 4 talks


Spaces are limited to 8 women