20 Jun 2022


Working with Christine over our four 1-2-1 sessions has truly been transformative to my well-being and rediscovering my authentic self.  Christine works with you to recognise where you are in your life, to help you understand what you are looking for, to support you in making positive changes to enable you to live your best possible life. After each session, Christine sends you a personalised summary of your session with a plan and goals for you to work on for the next session. Christine’s approach is supportive, encouraging and non-judgemental. Working with Christine empowered me to recognise my self-doubts, address my confidence issues and to take back control of creating my enjoyment of life, making time for my self care and safe-guarding my well-being. This has positively impacted my life on both a personal and professional level. I can’t recommend working with Christine highly enough